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Prevent crimes & Solve cases
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“The cameras don’t lie. … We stood up the Real Time Crime Center in November 2017. At the end of 2017 our clearance rate for non-fatal shootings here in the 8th district was 17%…It is now 89%”

NOPD Cmdr. Nick Gernon:

The New Orleans Advocate:

“For the third straight year, the number of homicides recorded in New Orleans fell dramatically in 2019, bringing unlawful killings to their lowest level in nearly five decades.”


Learn how Active Solutions system stood up a Real Time Command Center in Jackson, Mississippi.

Smart, Custom Solutions

At Active Solutions, we partner with clients to design, manufacture and integrate custom solutions to help you prevent, react to, investigate and provide admissible evidence. We listen, learn, and strategize to develop plans that work for your city, neighborhood, or an entire region. That means collaboration with an eye toward key performance indicators and budget constraints.

Whether you need consulting or a turnkey project, customized hardware, or complete and ongoing project management, we can design your system with full deployment, including installation or simply project management and support. 


Reliable Replicable Results

We implement systems that have proven successful time and again at mitigating risk, reducing the severity of loss and improving the lives of stakeholders.

We have:

  • fully deployed multiple city-wide municipal video systems

  • built access control and mass notification solutions for large-campus and multi-campus hospitals and universities as well as chemical plants and distribution warehouses

  • installed turnstiles and credentialing systems for stadiums, gyms, and mass assembly facilities

  • established fire alarm and life safety systems for hotels, high rises, and municipal buildings.

A street view featuring an Alexandria Police sign, vehicles on the road, and a large building with columns and balconies under a partly cloudy sky.

What we Do


Video analytics & AI


Smart City Technology




Access Control


Alarms & Communications


Life Safety

Our Clients

Aaron Miller

Director of
homeland security
City of new orleans

“on time and within budget”

“Our pilot project was time-sensitive. Active Solutions was the one company to assure that they could deliver what we needed – on time and within budget. The Active Solutions technicians were knowledgeable and extremely adept. Their autonomy was very much appreciated. When they were onsite, we knew we would not have to double-check the install.”

Working with active solutions

Real-Time Crime Monitoring

The establishment of a 24/7, state-of-the-art Real-Time Command Center multiplies your crime-fighting force, allowing a single technician to monitor dozens of hot spots throughout your city or property. Full HD cameras can be rapidly deployed at your discretion to deter crime and make apprehension and arrest of perpetrators a much simpler task.


Project Management

We provide full deployment, including consultation, design, installation by trained and certified technicians, and support. Active Solutions pioneered wireless crime camera technology, and we have been a leader in developing new security technologies. Our decades of expertise allow us to build security systems better, more efficiently, and more reliably than clients can with in-house resources.

Open Technology

We believe our clients deserve peace of mind with minimal disruption of daily operations. Our security solutions can integrate seamlessly with your current technology and scale up as your needs grow. We can even help to identify and prioritize security gaps for long-term capital investment planning.

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Scaleable Platform
for Growth

While our clients may launch their projects to deter crime, they soon learn that Active Solutions system can do more to improve the lives of citizens and stakeholders. The camera platform has all the pieces for secondary operations, like water, environmental, gunshot, and pedestrian monitoring. The camera system is just the first step in improving quality of life.

Flexible Data Services

Reduce OPEX

We offer a suite of services that include data retention and storage, advanced analytics, and video management. High availability, hyper-converged storage systems are available. We can build your data storage on-site, saving connectivity costs and reducing long-term operational expenses.

Reduce CAPEX

We can also provide cloud-based data storage, which reduces upfront capital expenses. The reduction in CAPEX allows you to install more now with limited budgets.

People evaluating data
Worker repairing a camera unit


Active Solutions stands by our products. We service or replace equipment quickly during the warranty period to ensure that your system stays operational and maximizes uptime.

Maintenance programs and extended warranties are also available on all Active Solutions systems.



We work with our clients to create payment schedules that ease the burden of capital investments and make long-term planning simple. Crime management shouldn’t just be reserved for organizations with large monetary bases. Every stakeholder deserves to feel protected, no matter the size of their employer, city, or university.

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Jon Barnwell

superintendent of
tulane university
police department

“My highest recommendation”

“Active Solutions has earned my highest recommendation for anyone considering engaging their services. Their team consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence in all aspects of their work for my department and for Tulane University.”

Our Services


Municipal Camera Systems

Cameras are the backbone of any security plan. The installation and/or redeployment of the Active Solutions SafeCityCam is a painless process. These camera systems allow city leaders to more efficiently allocate law enforcement resources and serve as a powerful crime deterrent.

license plate readers

License Plate Readers (LPRs) generate actionable leads for law enforcement by acting 24/7 to collect license plate captures. Active Solutions’ license plate readers are built by law enforcement for law enforcement. Our partner Motorola Systems-Vigilant License Plate Recognition provides access to commercial and shared inter-state/inter-agency databases  with hundreds of millions of reads that instantly connect your law enforcement agency with historic location data and current hot lists.

AI text with businessman

Access Control

State-of-the-art systems give our clients unified security management. Campuses, office buildings, and stadiums require access control systems to provide a safer environment. Electronic, contactless access control systems keep non-credentialed individuals out of sensitive areas. Whether you’re using smart credential, biometric, or mobile phone as a credential, you won’t have to sacrifice convenience to get high security.

‘Smart City’ Technology

The future of attracting the next generation of citizens is the Smart City. Whatever your goals, meeting them starts with data collection through internet-connected platforms installed in critical places. With our collaborative process, Active Solutions can deploy the equipment, manage the project, and implement automated Smart City technologies.

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Meeting Room with Screen

lighting controls

Lighting is a critical part of an organization’s infrastructure. With Active Solutions’ lighting controls, you can respond quickly to outages and decrease your maintenance costs while improving safety and comfort in key areas. Smarter lighting means better crime deterrence.

Illegal dumping detection

Active Solutions’ real-time interventions prevent illegal dumping. Accumulated debris harms public health and invites the criminal element. Prevention in real-time reduces clean-up costs, eliminates the need for arrests, and improves public health.

Parked cars in a parking lot

traffic & parking management

One of the hardest jobs for a growing city is scaling its traffic management systems. Our smart traffic analysis system alerts on accidents and congestion, provides critical data to traffic signal systems, detects parking violations, provides real-time flow assessment, optimizes traffic light cycles, prioritizes public transport, and audits street parking. We can also provide contactless in-and-out, cashless payments, real-time interloper alerts, and more. 

Former Chief Jerrod King

Alexandria (LA) Police

“a force multiplier for us”

“This is a force multiplier for us. We can’t have an officer in every city location, but the cameras give us the ability to monitor areas even when an officer isn’t present. This is how police departments are using technology to protect their city.”