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Violent criminals | Vandalism




Growth in the city core

Challenge – Student safety off-campus

A college town in Mississippi faced problems on several fronts, from criminal activity and vandalism.

First, the existence of a large college put the city in a tough spot regarding securing students. Students were accustomed to the security provided by their university and were easy targets once they left the university’s footprint. Robberies and assaults of college students were rising, and the city needed technological solutions to manage their resources.

Next, the public was outraged by high-profile vandalism. The facilities at a neighborhood public park were trashed, and everyone wanted answers. The public needed to know their children had safe, clean parks.

Solution – Start Small and Scale Up

The solution started small. The mayor wanted to test what one camera could do at the public park site.

With a single camera in place, the city recognized what a full-scale system could offer. They began adding cameras as funding allowed through grants and Active Solutions’ government leasing programs. With a flexible funding mechanism, the city has been able to build out their video surveillance network.

This soon became a driver in the city’s revitalization of their historic downtown and entertainment districts.

Girls hanging out in the city

Results – Revitalizing Downtown

The town’s effort’s continue incrementally today. They continue to budget and apply for grants that allow for the expansion of their city’s surveillance network. 

With the confidence of the public growing, the city’s core is revitalizing. Lower crime means business can move into secure areas and boost the city’s tax revenue.

The city continues to scale its system and grow toward a safer and smarter city. City leaders know that with the confidence of the public and proven results, they can continue to expand with a goal of having their own Real-Time Command Center.

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