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The police knew of a highly active drug dealer operating in one of New Orleans’ highest crime neighborhoods. Everyone in the community knew what was going on, but no one wanted to talk openly about the dangerous criminal in their midst.

Authorities had arrested the suspect several times, but could not find the actionable evidence needed to make a case. Each arrest was the same: The suspect repeatedly had a pocket full of cash, but never drugs or weapons.


Active Solutions deployed SafeCityCams™ around the district based on interviews with police and neighbors. Cameras caught the dealers’ entire operation in action.

The suspect arrived across the street from a playground and placed a loaded weapon on the tire of a nearby car. He was quickly surrounded by children. He handed small packages to select ones. Throughout the next hour, people approached the dealer, handed him money, and he pointed to a specific child on the playground.

The users and addicts would make their way across the street to the designated child and get their illicit package. The kids would then run back across the street to get their reward from the dealer.


Detectives now had concrete evidence of the suspect’s crimes. No one in the nearby community had to testify against dangerous criminals, putting their family’s safety at risk.

The suspect and his attorney immediately accepted a plea bargain after being presented with the video. Justice was served without the years-long process and expense of local incarceration, multiple trial dates, the potential for witness intimidation or lost evidence.

The children on the playground could now enjoy their playtime without being exposed to criminality and severe addiction, giving them more chances to thrive by removing negative role models. Within months, the surrounding neighborhood became a place for families and friends to celebrate life.

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