Helping America get back to work safely is a priority for us. To comply with state and federal government guidelines for reopening safely, many businesses will have to make adjustments by adhering to occupancy limits, increasing sanitation, monitoring employee temperatures, and following procedures for contact tracing if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.

By providing technology that allows your employees and customers to be safe, we help you secure the health of your business and your community.

Occupancy Counting System

Gyms, convention centers, libraries, stadiums, and businesses may need to reduce their crowd size to stay within city or state limits. Stationing an employee in front of the building to manually count every single person can become costly and ineffective. Setting up an occupancy counting system allows your employees or customers to safely enter and exit anywhere in your building, and it is scalable for multiple entrances and exits no matter the size of your building.

Additional benefits of an occupancy counting system include:

  • The server has connectivity to the outside world and can be sent anywhere, including to local officials who may need to monitor a situation.
  • Real-time data allows businesses to keep a precise eye on occupancy limits.
  • Occupancy limits can be raised or lowered if government guidelines change.
  • Social distancing is made easier by limiting the amount of people within a building.

We help you keep your community secure by allowing your employees to focus on safely serving your customers.

Touchless Entry and ID Scanning

Traditional access controls help you maintain a secure environment by limiting access to restricted individuals. By moving to a touchless entry and ID scanning system, you can maintain that secure environment and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by limiting your employees’ or customers’ contact with shared devices.
Upgrade your entire entry system or just a small part of it to convert your building into a touchless entry system. We can even host everything in the cloud so that you don’t need a system on site. Cloud storage is easy and inexpensive to implement. Whether your employees use a smartphone, key fob, or card to enter the building, you can feel confident that the contact between employees is being reduced even as your access points remain secure.

Large ticketed venues such as convention centers or stadiums can reduce the point of contact between customers and employees by moving to touchless ticketing systems as well. If your employees currently touch every ticket that comes into your venue, then we can install a barcode system that better complies with CDC instructions.

Contact Tracing

For many businesses, the health department guideline to monitor and track employees in order to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus presents a new challenge. No matter how granular your tracking system is required to be, we can accommodate those needs by tracking individual employees, monitoring employees’ health, or just helping you keep a general eye on where your employees are at in your building.

Social distancing perimeters will need to be followed to keep your employees and customers safe. Using retail analytics, we can also show you if certain areas in your business or company consistently have places where people tend to congregate. This can help you reallocate assets, like copy machines or water coolers, within your building to reduce crowd size.

Restaurants, which must adhere to stricter occupancy limits, can benefit from our software that keeps track of reservations in real time. Patrons can make a reservation online, and upon entry at the restaurant can scan a barcode or QR code. Reservations stop when the restaurant is full, but they also open up the reservation spot again if a patron doesn’t show up. This allows the restaurant to stay consistently full without turning patrons away at the door.

We Secure Your Business

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we know that you want to continue to do business while still protecting your community. At Active Solutions, we have decades of experience safeguarding American communities, and we are prepared to help you reopen prudently.

Find out more about the solutions we offer for your business by emailing us at: Our team can help tailor a system that fits your needs.