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When securing access to a commercial property, government facility, school, or factory, scalable access control is an essential component.

Whether centralized management or compartmentalized control is required, Active Solutions works with you to analyze and present the solution best suited to your needs and environment.

Identifying what is important to your organization helps stakeholders secure sensitive areas and easily audit ingress and egress to controlled areas while minimizing inconvenience for your personnel.

By creating a centralized area of control, managers can easily adjust the safety parameters on doors or sensitive areas for staff or visitors.

Touch-free access minimizes viral and bacteria transmission, improving employee health and convenience and ease of access.

Smart credentials reduce deployment time and replacement costs and allow for instantaneous management of credential addition, modification, or access credential cancellation. Smart credentials improve overall user satisfaction.


  • Reduces cost
  • More convenient entry
  • Eliminates need to re-key 
  • Reduces pathogen transmission
  • Enhances security
  • Creates audit trail
  • Provides hour-by-hour, day-by-day portal control
  • Grants remote access
  • Allows temporary/expiring credentials 

Flexible Platforms and Payments

Active Solutions’ open security platforms scale, upgrade, and change as your organization grows.

System acquisition can be designed as an upfront capital expense or an operational expense in the form of a subscription.

Our customers have described our approach to securing buildings as “adaptive” and “innovative” because we recognize that every project has unique constraints. We are prepared to design and build to your specific needs. Because of our relationships with a broad range of manufacturers, we are able to flex with the needs of your budget, while still providing your facility with the protection, control, and security you require.

Access Control Systems

With so many options in the market, choosing the correct access control system for your facility is a process. Let our team guide you through that process and identify your specific requirements.

There is a variety of nontraditional “keys” that are used with electronic access control systems:

  • RFID fobs and cards
  • Eye, face or hand biometrics
  • Smartphone as a credential
  • Smart card

Access Control is Critical to Security

Traditional locks and keys have limited applications for securing a facility. Keys can be copied or lost which represents a breach in security. In addition, retrieving keys from former disgruntled employees can represent a risk that many companies cannot afford.

By moving to nontraditional “keys,” a facility opens up significantly better opportunities to control the movement of employees, to protect sensitive information or data, to safeguard business assets, and to monitor the flow of personnel.

Goals of electronic Access Control

Loss Prevention & Risk Reduction

Restricting access is the first step to loss prevention and reducing risk. An access control system protects your most valuable assets, whether inventory or personnel.

Managed Access

Access control systems allow administrators to manage where people can go and when. This control can include granting temporary or emergency access from a centralized onsite location or even authorized remote or mobile devices. One-touch facility lockdown is an important option. Automated access management can reduce manpower requirements with better control through systematization.

Audits & Reports

Automated systems track the time and date of entry, the people who accessed an area, whether access was granted or denied, and which area was entered, including forced entry alerts. This allows you to identify patterns within your system or analyze incidents.

Systems Integration

Access control systems can be integrated with your video surveillance system, providing instantaneous live video of access events in a control center or on portable devices. Instant access to archived video from access control log files provides for streamlined investigation of events.

Access Control Technology

Integrate Access Control Systems with Video Security

Pairing a video security system with an access control system can enhance the return on investment for loss prevention. Many companies may need to have a live feed or historical data on entry points or secured areas. Because we are able to provide integration across a broad range of products, we can build out a system that protects your assets, clients, and properties.

Integrate Access Control Systems with Data Security

Single sign-on systems tie into your personnel management and Active Directory servers that control the flow of information in real time. Access control systems can augment the sign-in with multiple forms of credentials such as biometric requirements, cell phone keycodes, Bluetooth proximity, or other forms of contactless or multi-factor authentication.

Integrate Access Control Systems with Building Automation

Access control systems can conserve power and reduce load at times of inactivity. You can meet LEED certification requirements or qualify for tax breaks based on your building’s efficient management of integrated systems like HVAC and lighting.

We Secure Your World

During uncertain times, securing property becomes a top concern for governments, institutions, and businesses. At Active Solutions, we work in a broad range of industries to help our clients find custom-designed solutions that work within their budget. For many of our clients, investing in an access control system acts as a force multiplier by giving them more control over their security protocols, putting more eyes on secured areas, and improving loss management, all without hiring more employees. Let us work with you to create a custom-designed solution that secures your buildings and your world. Contact us today by clicking here or calling 504-524-6579.