Illegal Dumping Detection
Makes Your World Cleaner

• Analytics alert technicians to crimes in real-time
• Audio/light interventions prevent illegal dumping
• System captures key information to identify suspects

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Real-time Intervention

Waste disposal is one of the most critical functions of the government. Illegal dumping creates a negative image for the community. Unsightly areas invite the criminal element because the area is perceived as unwatched. Debris endangers residents and reduces hygiene, harming public health.

Through video analytics and artificial intelligence, our system detects illegal dumping, alerts the proper authorities, and collects data on the perpetrators.

Automated audio and strobe light intervention or live technician interaction can halt illicit activity in progress. Prevention reduces clean-up costs, cuts demand on the criminal justice system, and creates a cleaner environment and improved public health.

Key System Features:

• Real-time video analytics
• Comprehensive data collection
• Automated audio/light interventions

Illegal dumping

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