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• Effective 24/7 system of alerts, data capture, forensic investigation & crime scene analysis
• Hot list alerts & vehicle location analytics take you beyond standard plate searches
• CapEx or OpEx options

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License Plate Readers (LPRs) increase the effectiveness of law enforcement by generating actionable leads that close cases faster. By investing in technology like License Plate Readers, local governments boost the manpower efficiency of their police force without the expense of hiring and training new officers.

Unprecedented database sharing allows agencies to cooperate with the click of a mouse and produces alerts on vehicles of interest from neighboring communities, dramatically improving their ability to apprehend criminals.

At Active Solutions, we’ve worked with communities for 20 years to help them solve crimes using cutting-edge plate-reading technology.

What are License Plate Readers?

Dedicated License Plate Readers use a combination of high-definition and optical character recognition to capture and identify license plates day or night. Along with pictures of the license plate, additional data is collected such as the time, the date, color and type of the vehicle, and the geo-location of the photo. Many states allow this data to connect to the DMV database, allowing for connection to VIN and last owner of record.

Certified law enforcement bodies can use hot lists to trigger real-time alerts for persons of interest connected to stolen vehicles, missing persons reports, AMBER alerts, or who are wanted for other crimes like homicide, robbery, or terrorism. Officers can use the captured images from Automatic License Plate Recognition systems to track suspects around town to create a timeline of movement or to build a case against a suspect.

The Active Solutions system allows for connection to a nationwide database of vehicles’ probable locations and places where these vehicles frequent. With this unique data, law enforcement can accelerate identification and apprehension of suspects or people of interest.

Whether your community is upgrading its legacy License Plate Reader network or investing in an entirely new system to use as a force multiplier, we take a consultative approach that takes into account your budget and your community’s goals before presenting you with Automatic Number Plate Recognition options that will yield the best ROI.
License Plate Readers

Additional Benefits of
License Plate Recognition

Automate access control systems

Identify cars in paid or permit-based parking at universities, hospitals, malls, convention centers or parking garages

Connect to the DMV for parking tickets

Access license plate recognition data from vehicle repossession agencies

Reading License Plates

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Better tools and technology for law enforcement leads to decreased crime without straining city or municipal budgets. We’ve deployed public safety systems in cities across the country, partnering with key stakeholders to find solutions that fit their community’s unique needs. Because we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach, we find and source technology that will grow with your community.
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