Lighting Controls
Make Your World Safer

• A critical part of crime deterrence through design principals
• Environmental sustainability through efficient management
• Lower manpower costs for system inspections
• Reduce liability & improve risk reduction
• Improve response to lighting outages

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Reduce Costs

Lighting control systems allow monitoring of your lighting system’s health and control on an unprecedented level. Reduce your costs by dimming lighting in unoccupied areas and improve visibility and comfort when occupancy increases. These controls reduce your expenditures on inspections, increase equipment lifespan, and speed your response to outages. Our systems alert technicians of failures.

Lighting is a critical infrastructure function and a significant cost center. Your liability increases if you have lighting outages. Smart solutions allow you to better manage your infrastructure.

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Key System Features:

• Automated dimming for energy conservation
• Failure alerts
• Reduce lighting outages
• Outage response coordination
• Reactive lighting for emergencies
• Controls allow for lighting only when needed
• Increased sense of security
• Supports Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
• Changing of colors and patterns for special events and emergency notifications

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