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Ross Bourgeois
Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness for the City of New Orleans

“It was a deliberate idea to have the Crime Center serve all aspects of public safety and not just police, fire, EMS – it’s used by the department of public works, sewage and water board, parks and parkways department that handle downed trees during weather event; so it’s not just myopic to law enforcement.”

Collin Arnold
Director Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness for the City of New Orleans

“The system has saved over 3,000 man-hours this year. It has the ability to improve the entire criminal justice system.”

How can we help?

Our municipal camera systems help civic leaders balance an upsurge in calls for service while managing budget issues, manpower shortages, and personnel issues that strain city resources. We work with you within the budget you have to build a system that can solve problems now and scale into a Real-Time Command Center.

We solve your immediate and long-term problems by designing, building, installing, and supporting best-in-class camera systems. By streamlining city processes, our technology creates man-hour savings that allow more effective use of existing resources throughout the criminal justice system. These savings can put solutions that may have previously been out of reach.

Child playing at park

This technology makes neighborhoods safer by:

1. Helping catch criminals
2. Helping convict criminals
3. Discouraging criminal activity

Neighborhood revitalization begins when criminals move on. The neighborhood looks better. The schools improve. People improve their homes. Stores move back in. The economy is refueled. Neighborhoods become safer and stronger. The neighborhood becomes a community again.

Your community is a priority

This technology also creates the foundation for a wireless infrastructure that will help cities expand their future services and bridge the digital divide. This is an investment in the future of our youth.

We know that installing or upgrading a municipal camera system is a unique partnership. We look for long-term relationships from Day 1 through Day 1,000, so we can be more than just a vendor. We can add to your legacy systems or build new.

Securing your community is a priority for us. We recently partnered with cities such as Houston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, St. Louis, Jackson, MS, Alexandria, Monroe, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Corpus Christi, Amarillo, Columbia, S.C, Batesville, and Starkville to help them find a custom-manufactured solution that reduced their cities’ crime, created a force multiplier for their public safety agencies, and identified public emergencies in real-time.

Practical Applications of Municipal Cameras

The primary purposes of a municipal camera system:

Deter criminal activity
• Force multiplier for law enforcement
• Situational awareness for first responders
• Identification of persons involved
• Evidence collection
• Save investigative man-hours

Situational awareness is critical for first responders. Cameras help command and control assess risk and prepare responders. Municipal cameras give real-time information to a command center. Information is viewed live and stored for forensic review.

Identifying people of interest might seem like a straightforward operation. Experienced law enforcement officials know that personal opinion, time or objectivity can creep into eyewitness testimony. A photo is a permanent record of who, what, when, where and how.

Evidence collection propels an investigation forward with pictures or video from the cameras used as hard evidence that can hold up in court. Witness intimidation is zero when the witness is a camera. Camera evidence stands the test of time; it doesn’t move, get sick, or die.

A Proven Record of Success

When the City of New Orleans partnered with Active Solutions to build their Real Time Crime Center, the City anticipated a reduction in crime, but they never expected the results that a municipal-wide camera system would provide. The New Orleans Police Department increased their ability to close violent crime cases in the French Quarter from 19% to 91% over a period of one year. In addition, the city was able to save over 3,000 man-hours in investigative work, accelerate the prosecution process, decrease the pre-trial prison population, reduce drug dealing and loitering, and revitalize neighborhoods. The system also exonerated persons wrongfully accused of crimes. 

Municipal Camera Systems Prevent Crime

With a municipal camera system, law enforcement officials view trouble spots in the city and proactively dispatch police officers, emergency personnel, or ambulances to the scene. Video analytics show when a crowd is beginning to gather or when traffic has stopped which allows first responders get a head start on any potential situation.

Our offerings create the foundation for absolute consequences for illegal behavior. Additionally, the cameras themselves can deter criminal activity by:

• Turning on flashing lights
• Playing an audio message
• Allowing live audio intervention
• Emitting a warning noise
• Activating a strobe
• Providing alerts through analytics

Investing In Municipal Cameras Saves Cities Money

We recognize that budget constraints are often a concern for city budgets and municipalities. That’s why we have built our company around crafting unique solutions for each project. We create a road mad for you to get where you want to be.

Collection of key performance indicators shows how a municipality can save money. Seeing crime reduction statistics is hard data that you can take to the stakeholders in your community. In addition, cameras do help exonerate people who otherwise might be wrongfully accused. This saves enormous resources and prevents the guilty perpetrators from walking free while the wrong person is prosecuted. When New Orleans says that it saved 3,000 man-hours and made investigative work more effective because of our public-private partnership, that has a positive effect on its criminal justice system and its budget.


Preventing crime has far-reaching positive effects and extensive cost savings beyond the obvious. Victims of crimes experience problems with job productivity, medical bills, and property damage. A city that can clean up its streets can also see increased property values and neighborhood revitalization, which can lead to increased tax revenue.

When departments across a city are able to access the same surveillance cameras, they can share information with each other more quickly that helps them address city problems. Shared access with prosecutors and defenders leads to quicker plea bargains, reduces court times, saved money in the incarceration process, decreased load on the prosecutor and public defender.

The Key Part of a Smart City System

We install our municipal cameras on a hub that can support the infrastructure of a Smart City system. The hubs protect your investment in municipal infrastructure, saving money in the long-term, and give space to add functionality.

a wide variety of municipal services

Municipal camera systems can become the platform for a wide variety of municipal services. Once the initial hub is in place, we can help your municipality add:

• City-wide wi-fi
• Weather monitoring
• Radiology monitoring
• Water, gas, or electrical monitoring
• Analytics for parking spaces
• License plate recognition
• Show illegal dumping

The Smart City systems can shift your costs across a range of projects. Click here to read more about our Smart City options.

The unintimidated Camera

We live in a time where witnesses of crime are often intimidated into recanting their story, coerced not to testify or even killed to prevent them from testifying.

The SafeCity Cam is a witness that tells the story of what really happened. 

This digital witness always shows up for trial and it never changes its story.

Criminal investigation is a time intensive science.  Documenting and processing the scene, recording and preserving evidence, collecting witness statements, analyzing the evidence all contribute to the amount of time it takes to investigate a crime.  

In a time of drastic manpower reductions, Active Solution provides a crime fighting tool that dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to both collect and analyze digital evidence.


Real-Time Results

Real-time imagery can also assist in the investigation.  Cameras in the vicinity of a 911 call can automatically be spun up on displays allowing first responders to view ingress and egress from the scene of a crime, documenting who may have witnessed or possibly participated in the crime.  In cases where the cameras are close to the crime scene, the cameras can then be used to zoom into active scenes and determine what first responders should expect when they arrive.  Should we lead with police, medical, fire or SWAT?

Vandalism, graffiti and theft can be documented and analyzed.  Time frame can be established and adjacent cameras can be identified and checked to determine if images of perpetrators faces were captured (unmasked).


garbage illegally dumped in an open dump

Not just for collecting evidence

Catastrophic events such as flooding can be assessed and reported to partners to help mitigate damages and minimize the effects on the public.

Long reaching effects of a SafeCity Camera system extend far beyond the capture and review of evidence.  Images of defendants presented to defense council often result in plea bargaining and speed the resolution of cases.  In these cases jail time costs are reduced prior to trial, case backlogs are reduced as well as a reduction in prison overcrowding.


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