Traffic & Parking Management
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• Faster incident management
• Remote enforcement alerts from illegal parking detection
• Real-time traffic statistic improve efficiency and response

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As Smart City needs grow, traffic and parking infrastructure often struggles to keep up. Residents’ stress and demands increase as traffic rises and parking becomes more rare. Active Solutions traffic and parking management systems can relieve these growing pains, along with the suite of Smart City services. With a network of sensors and cameras, real-time data can improve decisions that make conditions better.

Traffic alerts can warn drivers of congestion along major arteries, leading them to avoid jams and reduce delays. Technicians can change traffic light patterns based on real-time information and alleviate bottlenecks. Systems can inform drivers of changes to evacuation routes or help emergency vehicles more efficiently navigate congestion.

Parking management systems allow for contactless in and out, automatically generating a reliable paper trail for future audits. Garages can take cashless payment and display available spaces to prospective parkers. License plate readers eliminate the need for stickers and parking tags. Real-time alerts can notify authorities of interlopers, and cameras provide a record of incidents and conditions of vehicles as they enter and leave.

Parked cars in a parking lot
Parking lot scanner

Key Technology Features:

• Contactless entry into garages and lots
• Eliminate long-range credentials
• Audit trails of ins and outs and automated reports
• Integrated ticketing for scofflaws
• Take payments automatically
• Traffic enforcement systems

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