At Active Solutions, we work every day to create a safer and smarter world in which to live. Our expertise and decades of experience enables us to design and build the most reliable systems to monitor and protect your world and ultimately improve quality of life.
Reliability is crucial. Commercial and municipal safety and security is extremely complex with hundreds of components that must work cohesively. Active Solutions is the company you trust when you can’t risk downtime of your system.

We provide full deployment including consultation, design, installation by our trained technicians, project management, and support. Active Solutions also provides these services worldwide by collaborating with your local team. Your system can be in operation and securing your world within hours.

At the end of the day, we secure you and your family’s peace of mind so that you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy within a safe environment.

Brian C. Fitzpatrick

Developing the future of security.

Jeff Burkhardt

Devoted to on-time deployment & customer satisfaction.

Brad L. Giacone
Director of Business Development

Global sales-minded.
Local attention to detail.

Making our world safer became our mission.
It was the right thing to do.
– Brian Fitzpatrick, CEO, Active Solutions LLC