Smart City Technology Makes Your World Safer and Smarter

• Consolidated Data Collection Services
• Protection from Huge Data Fees
• A Versatile Hub Allows for Growth

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Attract & Retain the Next Generation of Residents

Data integration adds to the culture of your city. The next generation wants the latest technology and services, and you are in competition to deliver a better quality of life. Active Solutions can help you support these needs, so your city looks better in contrast to those falling behind.

Young families want a broad sense of security, high quality of life, safe schools, parks they feel secure using, less traffic, and solid infrastructure. You need a partner who can help you deliver this. Active Solutions is that partner.

Cheaper & Easier Access to Aggregated, Monetizable Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives in new ways every day. But how can this powerful technology help leaders save lives and improve quality of life?

Data. Active Solutions’ Smart City Enclosures give leaders platforms to install a variety of sensors and cameras. These are the tools that will uncover dynamic insights into the needs of residents and the strengths and weaknesses of city infrastructure. With the 30,000-foot view that comes from data, leaders can deploy their resources more efficiently and effectively.

The city of the future will retain constituents by offering a higher quality of life through the seamless integration of smart city technology. Working with Active Solutions as your partner allows you to have the suite of services your community demands.

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Smart City Enclosures allow you
to add services like:

Wastewater & Floodwater Management
Gunshot, Accident & Duress Detection
Traffic & Parking Management
Streamlined Emergency Response
Intelligent License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Environmental Monitoring
Illegal Dumping Detection
Lighting Controls
Power Grid Management
Utility Meter Communication
Municipal Wi-Fi

& More

A Smart City Platform Built for Your Needs

Every city faces a unique set of problems. From crime to traffic to lighting to bridging the digital divide, you can expand your city’s data collection and monitoring capabilities to enable smart policy decisions that make your world safer and reduce your expenditures.

By partnering with Active Solutions, leaders gain an ally who has years of experience in creating innovative solutions, diagnosing problems and developing key performance indicators.

Whether you need complete project management from the beginning or an experienced firm to integrate new technology into your legacy systems or you need an expert that can deploy an already-purchased system, Active Solutions can meet your needs. From planning to grant applications to custom manufacturing to maintenance, we have the experience and ability to shepherd your project through to a successful deployment.

A Wealth of Benefits

Smart City technology produces a wealth of benefits:

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Monitoring water reservoirs, pumping systems, drinking water intakes, canal levels & street flooding
  • Traffic flow improvement & faster, more suitable incident response
  • Crime reduction
  • Faster emergency response
  • Increased compliance
  • More effective infrastructure maintenance
  • Safer parks & parkways
  • Public transit efficiency
  • ADA compliance
  • School health and safety monitoring & alerts
  • Bridging the digital divide

We Secure Your Community

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