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Rampant Crime




61% drop in crime.
Camera systems going up around the city.
Increased security at other infrastructure points.


Jackson, Mississippi, like other large municipalities, was suffering from crime, both violent and property-related. Incidents were reported of shootings throughout the city, vehicle thefts and other property crimes such as illegal dumping. They, like most other cities, had a loose mesh of independent and private cameras at their disposal but still saw rising crime statistics as there was no deterrent.

Solution –
Forward-Looking Crime Prevention

Active Solutions was chosen to provide a solution to the criminal activity Jackson was enduring. This selection was based on Active Solutions extensive track record and two decades of experience working with municipalities in providing actionable evidence and crime deterrence technology.

In working with Active Solutions, the City of Jackson initiated a camera deployment to attack crime strategically. Groups of cameras were staged in hotspots around the city which were attributed with creating an immediate 61% drop in crime. The network of cameras eliminated complications with accessing private cameras, problems with image quality and placement and created a tremendous time savings for the police investigators.

Based on the strong deterrent capabilities of the cameras, crime reduction was dramatic. With the success of the initial phases, the City of Jackson continues to deploy Active Solutions Safe City Cameras in areas of high crime. Partnering with Active Solutions, Avigilon and Motorola, Jackson has continued to see expanded success with their newly focused approach to improving quality of life.

The natural evolution of the camera network led the city to develop a 24/7 Real Time Command Center (RTCC) to address criminal activity as well as other public safety needs.

African kids playing on swing in neighborhood.

Results – Success Inspires Other Entities to Follow Suit

With their Real Time Command Center up and running, Jackson saw excellent results with more crimes solved and safer streets. Business owners and residents now feel more secure. Jackson is now seeing an increasing number of entities aiming to reproduce the results.

Local neighborhood associations and home owner associations (HOA) are engaging Active Solutions to replicate the success with cameras connected to the Real Time Command Center.

At the same time, city infrastructure and public utilities began seeking integrated security measures. Entities such as water treatment facilities, public golf courses and playgrounds are now online and connected to the RTCC allowing for improved security at those facilities.

For Jackson, the impact of widespread, integrated security measures are well underway.

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